Weißburgunder 2017

Wien, Österreich

Vine origins

Analytical data

13,0% vol
5,3 g/l, dry
6,0 g/l


October 2016


Skin Contact: 2 hours; Ageing: Stainless steel tank; Bottling Date: February 2017

Wine description

The Weissburgunder impresses by virtue of exotic fruit aromas such as mango and papaya, through a nutty finish and general harmony. The extract-rich body and a finely integrated underlying acidity lend this Pinot blanc elegance and depth.

Drink recommendations

Serving Temperature: 8–10 °C; Peak Drinking/Maturation Potential: The wines of the Stiftswein collection are best enjoyed young.

Food pairings

Asparagus dishes, white meat, freshwater fish and antipasti


On the variety and origins of this wine: From its original home in the vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy, the Weißburgunder (Pinot blanc) grape made its way to Austria, where it is offered ideal conditions by the Klosterneuburg Monastery Wine Estate’s vineyards in Kahlenbergerdorf. Surrounded by the slopes of the Nußberg, the Kahlenberg and the Leopoldsberg and bordered on the east by the Danube, these vineyards produce superior quality year after year.


Wine Estate of Klosterneuburg Monastery: Since its foundation in 1114 Klosterneuburg monastery has been growing wine and therefore is the oldest wine estate of Austria. With 108 Hectares of vineyards it is one of the country‘s largest and most renowned estates. The vineyards are situated in selected top locations in Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Gumpoldskirchen and Tattendorf. Since the year 2009 it is the first carbon neutral wine estate in Europe.


The wines bearing the Stift Klosterneuburg crest are the mainstay of our range of wines. Our Stiftsweine (Monastery wines) are youthful, fruity and charac-teristic of their varieties. They elegantly reflect the typicity of the relevant wine-growing region. The grapes used to make them come from various vineyards, but always from one wine-growing location. The Stiftswein collection represents Austrian winemaking tradition in its most enjoyably drinkable form.

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