Niederösterreich, Österreich
Jonagold (Apfel)

Analytical data

0,0% vol


Soil Type: Alluvial gravel soil


Apple juice enriched it with carbon dioxide

Wine description

This light and fruity Appelsecco, alcohol-free knows to infatuate in every sense. A drinking pleasure for everyone who enjoys full and natural taste without alcohol and likes to try something new. Alcohol-free.

Drink recommendations

Serving Temperature: 6–8 °C

Food pairings

Aperitif or accompanies starters or desserts.


On the variety and origins of this alcohol-free Secco: The gentle processing of fruit yields a fruit juice of the highest quality. For this Secco we used 100% Jonagold apple juice as basic product, enriched it with carbon dioxide using a special careful technique and bottele it immediately to preserve numerous valuable ingredients like vitamins, minerals nutrients and trace elements of the apples. With it‘s elegant mousseux the Apfelsecco can be enjoyed as an Aperitif or accompanies starters or desserts excellently and it is also a great product for kids.


Orchard estate of Klosterneuburg Monastery: There is a long tradition for fruit cultivation at Stift Klosterneuburg which has continued uninterrupted since the foundation of the monastery in the year 1114. An orchard estate was established in 1402 on the other side of the Danube River in Langenzersdorf. Since the year 2009 it is the first carbon neutral orchard estate in Europe.


The fruit of the orchards of Stift Klosterneuburg are pampered by the mild, sunny climate of the Danube Valley and ripen to superb flavour intensity. Remaining true to our philosophy of environmental sustainability allows us to harvest nourishing fruit with intense varietal flavours.

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